Engage is more than just a conference. It’s the event that brings together innovative thought-leaders, real-world case studies, practical training sessions and technical solutions under a single roof to equip you with all the inbound marketing tools you need to drive change immediately.

With an intense, one-day agenda, Engage offers four distinct streams; executive, attract, engage and impact. Encompassing the entire inbound funnel, it offers delegates the opportunity to build their own agenda based on the topics of most relevance to their business strategies and challenges.

With over 40 sessions in a single day, there’s so much included that you’ll struggle to choose where to invest your time and when combined with the take-home training resources, it’s single-day format is perfect for a team that wants to develop its skill-set.

Engage isn’t a conference. It’s a journey to the kind of marketing that puts the consumer at its core, rather than the product.



With six training workshops across the agenda and four streams exploring every aspect of the inbound marketing funnel, our goal is to get you back to the office and ready drive change.

With the support of structured training material from our workshops, you and your team will be driving incremental improvement in no time.

This is an event that believes in change today. Not in six months time. Our experts will equip you with the knowledge to drive both long- and short-term change, whether that be more leads, more followers or better conversion – you chose your focus.


Time is precious. One of the biggest failings of most conferences is that they go on long past where they should have ended, with an experience that is filled with sessions that are nice to have. Not need to have.

We’ve built Engage to deliver one, intense day. In fact, we’ve structured it in such a way as to leave you spoiled for choice. We want to make sure that your day is filled with intense learning and that you leave equipped and ready to focus on what will drive the largest change for you.


Change comes from within and one of the hardest parts of strategic implementation comes from team adoption. Our streamed content has been specifically built for teams, to ensure a cohesive approach.

Whether you want to focus your team or colleagues on a single stream to align with your strategic goals, or you want to cover the full spectrum of inbound marketing to develop an internal champion for each – we’ve got you covered. They’ll walk away inspired and filled with practical knowledge.


We believe in driving change – and that is what Engage is built for. Our session formats reflect this commitment.

The event includes 6 distinct session formats in a single day. Distributed over 40 hours of content, we have everything from inspirational talks to practical training workshops – and a variety of options in between, all developed to keep you learning throughout the day. We want to innovate and inspire, as well as motivate and educate. Our session diversity has been built to keep you engaged throughout the event and ensure that you’re eager to take the next step in your journey.


Technology is central to an efficient marketing function. With over 2,000 different marketing platforms available, filtering them all is a process that can have a dramatic impact on your results; both good and bad.

Engage will take some of that weight off of your shoulders and take you on a guided tour of the best systems and platforms.

We will leave you with a clear vision of not just what the best tools can do, but how you can use them to drive business improvement and increase market share.


One of the key challenges facing marketing today doesn’t lie with implementation.

As campaign impact shifts from the traditional outbound models, measuring return becomes critical. Today, ROI is the result of a journey. Structuring all of your data and mapping your customer journey is no easy task.

We’ve incorporated this thinking into our session structure, ensuring that you have a ground-up view of not only how to implement but, perhaps more importantly, how to measure, report and improve.

50 hours


With over 40 hours of content, Engage offers a unique learning environment, giving entire teams the opportunity to head back to the office and immediately drive change.

Over 40 speakers


With this many speakers, Engage offers an unparalleled degree of exposure to inbound marketing principles, letting you learn from the best for the highest impact.

6 session formats


Distinct learning experiences combine to offer a unique event. Build your own day and tailor your solutions to your business' most pressing requirements.

All in one day


Structured for productivity, Engage allows you and your team to build your own agendas to make the most of your time out-of-office and create a personal event.


EDGE talks

These highly personal, insightful sessions are a different breed. Delivered by experts that feel passionately about their topic, these concise talks are structured to tackle the issues that often go unstated – from a perspective that you likely haven’t considered before. Short and to the point, our speakers will deliver a talk that will leave you inspired and ready to think, act and win big with unconventional approaches.

Executive track

For the leaders. Gain insight into global best-practice from many of the region’s leading CMOs and strategists. Exploring the challenges in delivery of strategic objectives, we will explore the unstated hurdles. How do you get your team on-board? What does it take to change an organisation’s culture? What’s the best approach to building the internal stakeholder support every marketing strategy needs in order to be truly successful? With this and more, these are the sessions for the strategy after The Strategy!

Transform! workshops

Transform! sessions have been tailored to provide concise, intense training modules. Structured to offer actionable training and supported by expert moderators and take-home how-to guides, these workshops are all about delivery. Built with excellence in mind these can be attended by groups or individuals interested in professional development, whether you want to explore a particular aspect of inbound marketing to develop a new skill or expand an existing one.

Explore the funnel

Context for the informed, these sessions will cover the full spectrum of the funnel. From generating awareness and engagement to maximising conversion, these sessions open up each of our development streams. With expert insight, attendees will explore many of the key challenges as prospects progress through the funnel, looking at issues like effective content generation, analytics as a mechanism to improve engagement and how lead scoring can be used to dramatically improve sales efficiency.

360 Degrees

A look at the wider market, exploring the region in which we operate and the changes that are and will continue to drive it in years to come. If engagement is at the heart an effective marketing strategy, then these macro trends will shape the nature of that engagement. Looking at topics like the growing impact of women in Arabic marketing and the future of the Middle East as an independent market, we go broad and think about what’s to come.

Tools of the trade

One of the critical challenges facing any business lies with their choice of commercial tools. Functionality, migration and integration are just some of the most immediate considerations, offering the potential for dramatic growth – or the chaos of poor implementation.

Working with market leading solution providers in critical technology fields, we have developed these sessions to offer an insight into the solutions available in a practical setting. What can be done and how can it be applied? How are the solutions in the market relevant for the trends that will shape marketing in the near future?